Corridos Urbanos

by Clorofila

  • The solo debut album by Clorofila, which built upon and expanded the trademark Nortec sound. Appeared in various Top 10 and album of the Year lists in Mexico

    Track listing:
    1. Discoteca Nacional
    2. Llantera
    3. "BabyRock" Rock
    4. Naked Ladies
    5. Arriba El Novio
    6. Nicole Ya No Baila Aqui
    7. 4:15am
    8. Eso Esperamos
    9. Radio 80
    10. El General
    11. Bajo Sextoy
    12. Babai

    All tracks written & produced by Jorge Verdin

    " Corridos Urbanos, a mostly instrumental album that scores major points for peacefully weaving Norteño music with techno and a little bit of pop… The overly seductive “Nicole Ya No Baila Aqui” and “Llantera” prove to be, at least to me, the cleverest embodiment of Nortec itself—the effortless blending of Norteño and techno… What I loved about Corridos Urbanos is that it caught me off guard. It’s beautifully unexpected... "

    - Eugenia Vela,

    - - -

    " Clorofila, a.k.a. Jorge Verdin, is utterly in love with Mexican traditional sounds, crazy about electronica and, most important, urban beats. "Corridos Urbanos," his first fully realized solo offering, actually does honor the honest-to-God Mexican corrido -- the umpah-umpah polkas with their big story arcs, heroes and lessons learned.

    Just listen to "Llantera" as it pumps and makes the accordions whirl. On "Eso Esperamos," there's a mute chorus of tubas, while overheard and undecipherable voices echo the form's populist roots. Turn up "Arriba el Novio," and it may seem like it's going to just keep circling like a merry-go-round when you realize the trumpets are blasting and the thing's just building and building.

    What's so delicious about what Verdin does is how he manages to be straight-up true to the corrido while killing it. The story is still there, but now it's more conceptual, existential, mostly wordless, and probably best heard on the dance floor or in a big ol' monster truck.
    Because these are urban corridos, the beats are chunky, then almost Incognito-smooth. It's still nostalgic, like the original corridos, but ironic, too, and so a song like "Babai" (vocalized by Supina Bytol), with its breezy beat, is both perfect coda and total surprise: sexy and lounge-y. The story is not in any one song but in all of them. In other words, this is the soundtrack to life in Tijuana, driving around the ultimate border town."

    Achy Obejas, The Washington Post

    - - - -

    " For those unfamiliar: Nortec Collective is a group of four musicians who’ve made themselves famous over the years in their homeland of Mexico and across the world. A mixture of techno, electronic, and traditional Mexican music is the hallmark to their well known and the much-loved Nortec sound — a distinction which has earned them numerous awards.

    Following a successful run of things with the release of their wildly popular album Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 in 2007, band member Jorge Verdín (also known as Clorofila) was offered the chance to release some of his own songs, which he had been working on for a possible new Nortec album. His long awaited solo album, Corridos Urbanos, is a breath of fresh air and holds true to his Nortec roots — expertly mixing traditional Mexican instruments like the accordion and injecting them with elements of electronica. It’s a style that doesn’t sound right on paper, but it all seems to go together very well when done by a craftsman like Clorofila..."

    - Jason Kinnard,
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released April 13, 2010



Clorofila Los Angeles, California

Jorge Verdin (Clorofila) is a music producer / visual artist, and one of the creative forces behind Nortec Collective, the Tijuana bred genre breaking ensemble that created the Nortec sound, a fusion of Banda and Música Norteña (genres from the North of México) with Electronic music and production techniques. He also produces under the name Tremolo Audio. ... more

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